A short history of Association C.A.S.A.

The Association Centre for Social Action “Anastasia” (C.A.S.A.) was established in August 2012 to give a greater coherence to the social and cultural-educational projects carried out since 2007 by the Romanian community in Brussels.

The name of the Centre for Social Action “Anastasia” was given in the memory of Mrs. Anastasia Delphine Baudry-Weulersse, the benefactor of the Romanian community in the Western and Meridional Europe.

Through its activities, the Association primarily aims to support the Romanians living in Belgium in social and cultural-educational terms, and is open to any activity that responds to its principles of not discriminating between the beneficiaries of the projects carried out.

Our mission

The mission of Association C.A.S.A. is to provide support and assistance to the Romanians living in Belgium. We want to improve through education, culture and social assistance the quality of life of the Romanian community members, including those in difficulty, at risk of marginalization and social exclusion.


The activities of Association C.A.S.A. are aimed at achieving two main objectives:

  1. The economic and social integration of the Romanians into the Belgian community;
  2. Keeping alive the link with the Romanian culture, language, literature, geography and history for the Romanian children and teenagers living in Belgium.