“Anastasia” afterschool Program

The educational program aims to familiarize children living in Belgium in Romanian or in mixed Romanian-Belgian families, with the Romanian language, literature, culture, art, geography and history.

The program of the afterschool, offers an adequate education about the Romanian language and literature, art, geography and history. Through this educational program, children learn the roots of their parents and grandparents, and can easily communicate with their family and friends in Romania.

The educational program on the Romanian literature, art, culture, geography and history is adapted to the age of the children. The courses are organized in two age groups as follows:
– group 1 aged 5-10 years and
– group 2 aged 10-15 years.
The courses take place on Saturdays, as follows:
– Saturday: 6 hours = 3 hours for group 1 and 3 hours for group 2 from 10:00 to 13.30h
The total number of hours provided for each subject is:

– English classes = 2h/week (prof. Irina Balba and prof. Doina Voica)
– History classes = 2h/week (prof. Oana Cioaba and prof. Doina Voica)
– Geography classes = 2h/week (prof. Oana Cioaba and prof. Doina Voica)

The activities take place during the school year from September 2021 - June 2022, in the special space organised to serve the educational, social and cultural purposes of the "Anastasia" afterschool and in the online environment facilitated by our virtual platform.