Donations for the benefit of the Ukrainian refugees

Association C.A.S.A calls for the help of everyone that want to support the efforts made in Romania by those receiving and helping the Ukrainian families fleeing the war. People, private and public entities are all together welcoming warmly the Ukrainian families.

The financial aid raised by C.A.S.A will be fully used to support those helping directly the refugees. We, the voluntary members of C.A.S.A, are personally involved in the distribution of the donations to this Romanian region that is also home to many of us living here in Belgium (we come from Iaşi, Suceava, Bacӑu, Sighetul Marmaţiei, Bistriţa).

Here, on this internet page of C.A.S.A, you will find the most recent information regarding the financial support raised and how it was used.

We want to stand by Ukraine! You can donate in this account: BE53 0688 9609 8353, by mentioning “For Ukraine”.

Latest news

Ukraine: Cohesion funding to support people fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The European Commission has adopted on 8th of March 2022 a proposal for Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE) allowing Member States and regions to provide emergency support to people fleeing from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. CARE is introducing the necessary flexibility in the 2014-2020 Cohesion policy rules to allow a swift reallocation of available funding to such emergency support.

On top, the 2022 envelope of €10 billion of the Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (‘REACT-EU’) funds can also be used to address these new demands within the overall aim of post-pandemic recovery.

For more information: Ukraine: Cohesion funding to support people fleeing (

Webpage with practical information for Ukrainian refugees

The European Commission launched a webpage containing information for people fleeing the war in the Ukraine.

So far, the war in Ukraine has forced over two million people to flee their homes seeking safety, protection and assistance. Many more displaced people are on the move both inside and outside the country and are in need of shelter and basic information about their rights when coming to the EU.

The website contains information about crossing the border, rights on arrival and information about onward travel.

For more information: Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine | European Commission (